While you're always welcome to tour the school, here are a few photos of our facility to give you some peace of mind knowing that your student is learning in a safe, modern, vibrant school.


lose yourself in a book!

According to our mission to fulfill a wholly-immersive English experience, we provide a library full of books, all in English, that students may choose to read at school or to borrow and read at home.


developing the body as well as the mind

English isn't just learned in the classroom - English is an immersive experience that can and should be taught in all facets of school!  This includes fun, kinetic activities that promote healthy living, as well as a new way for students to experience English.


A glimpse into kid's college life

All classrooms at Kid's College Guri have windows, allowing parents the chance to come gain perspective into their student's education.  Always welcome, moms and dads and other family can watch a class or just see their child's writing or artwork displayed proudly on the walls.

Computer Lab

A Modern learning facility

In our attempt to provide your student a well-rounded education, we have a computer lab equipped with fun, educational games for younger learners, as well as online reading, listening, and writing.


Fun, Yet Educational

By utilizing small class sizes, we are able to form solid connections with all of our students.  This connection allows for better relationships, which helps students pick up language cues on their own.