We teach English differently - complete immersion and true dedication.


In a time where hagwons are everywhere, it's important to make a good decision with your child's English education.  Kid's College Guri provides a different English experience.  Second only to moving to an English-speaking country, Kid's College Guri provides a full English-immersion experience, allowing students to soak in more than by just studying from a book.



Find out about our curriculum, how we aim to guide your child to his or her very best English abilities.

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School Tour

Take a tour of our school today!  Walk the halls that your child will be walking every day.

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Meet our teachers

We take pride in hand-picking only the very best, highest-qualified, most-caring teachers.

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Bus Routes

We have seven buses that travel all over the local area that will safely transport your child to and from home and school.

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