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 He deserves it…

He deserves it…


For Matilda you should adhere to the following schedule:

Nov 13: Finish four chapters, page 48.

Nov 20: Three chapters, page 81.

Nov 27: Four chapters, page 133.

Dec 4: Four chapters, page 176.

Dec 11: Three chapters, page 209.

Dec 18: Three chapters, page 240.

Don’t try to read the entire assignment in one night - you CAN NOT do it. Break it into pieces and read a little bit EACH NIGHT.


Each week, find five words that are new to you (don’t do simple ones, the point is to learn) and write the word, the definition, and use it in a sentence (YOUR OWN sentence - not one from Naver).


  1. ignorant: lacking in knowledge or training. “The new president is ignorant of everything in politics.”