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Happiness can be created.  But how?


For June 21st:

Write an idea for a government program that will help citizens be happier.  Think about what things are most important in determining happiness.  Is it more money?  Is it a fulfilling job?  More children?

You should write a minimum of 250 words.


 What are the most important factors in being happy?

What are the most important factors in being happy?



Nothing this week!


Reading Assignment

 This is not ideal..

This is not ideal..

Novel reading

Reading Assignments:

July 10: Chapters 1-2

July 17: 3-4

July 24: 5-6


August 7: 7-10

August 14: 11-13

August 21: 14-17

August 28: 18-20 (20 is the Epilogue)


You need to complete the worksheet (fill-in-the-blanks).


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