Captain Hook              2 pink coins

Captain Hook must remember
Not to scratch his toes. 
Captain Hook must watch out
And never pick his nose. 
Captain Hook must be gentle
When he shakes your hand. 
Captain Hook must be careful
Openin' sardine cans
And playing tag and pouring tea
And turnin' pages of his book. 
Lots of folks I'm glad I ain't-- 
But mostly Captain Hook! 

The Farmer and The Queen    3 pink coins


“She’s coming, the farmer said to the owl.

“Oh, what shall I, what shall I do?

Shall I bow when she comes?

Shall I twiddle my thumbs?

             The owl asked, “Who?”


“The Queen, the Queen, the royal Queen—

She’ll pass the farm today.

Shall I salute?” he asked the horse.

             The horse said, “Nay.”


“Shall I give her a gift?” he asked the wren.

“A lovely memento for her to keep?

An egg or a peach or an ear of corn?”

             The wren said, “Cheap.”


“But should I curtsy or should I cheer?

Oh, here’s her carriage now.

What should I do?” he asked the dog.

             The dog said, “Bow.”


And so he did, and so she passed,

Oh, tra lala lala,

“She smiled, she did!” he told the sheep.

             The sheep said, “Bah.”

True Story      4 pink coins


This morning I jumped on my horse

And went out for a ride,

And some wild outlaws chased me

And they shot me in the side.


So I crawled inside a wildcat’s cave

To find a place to hide,

But some pirates found me sleeping there,

And soon they had me tied

To a pole and built a fire

Under me—I almost cried

Till a mermaid came and cut me loose

And begged to be my bride,

So I said I’d come back Wednesday

But I must admit I lied.


Then I ran into a jungle swamp

But I must admit I lied.

Then I ran into a jungle swamp

But I forgot my guide

And I stepped into some quicksand,

And no matter how I tried

I couldn’t get out, until I met

A water snake named Clyde.


Who pulled me to some cannibals

Who planned to have me fried.


But an eagle came and swooped me up

And through the air we flied.


But he dropped in a boiling lake

A thousand miles wide.


And you’ll never guess what I did then—


Picture Puzzle Piece         3 pink coins

One picture puzzle piece
Lyin' on the sidewalk,
One picture puzzle piece
Soakin' in the rain.
It might be a button of blue
On the coat of the woman
Who lived in a shoe.
It might be a magical bean,
Or a fold in the red
Velvet robe of a queen.
It might be the one little bite
Of the apple her stepmother
Gave to Snow White.
It might be the veil of a bride
Or a bottle with some evil genie inside.
It might be a small tuft of hair
On the big bouncy belly
Of Bobo the Bear.
It might be a bit of the cloak
Of the Witch of the West
As she melted to smoke.
It might be a shadowy trace
Of a tear that runs down an angel's face.
Nothing has more possibilities
Than one old wet picture puzzle piece.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Band         4 pink coins

If we were a rock 'n' roll band,
We'd travel all over the land. 
We'd play and we'd sing and wear spangly things.
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band, 
And we were up there on the stand, 
The people would hear us and love us and cheer us. 
Hurray for that rock 'n' roll band. 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band, 
Then we'd have a million fans. 
We'd giggle and laugh and sign autographs, 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. 
The people would all kiss our hands. 
We'd be millionaires and have extra long hair, 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. 
But we ain't no rock 'n' roll band,
We're just seven kids in the sand. 
With homemade guitars and pails and jars
And drums of potato chip cans. 
Just seven kids in the sand. 
Talk'n and waven' our hands. 
And dreamin' and thinkin' oh wouldn't it be grand, 
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. 

Backward Bill         4 pink coins

Backward Bill, Backward Bill,
He lives way up on Backward Hill,
Which is really a hole in the sandy ground
(But that's a hill turned upside down).

Backward Bill's got a backward shack
With a big front porch that's built out back.
You walk through the window and look out the door
And the cellar is up on the very top floor.

Backward Bill he rides like the wind
Don't know where he's going but sees where he's been.
His spurs they go 'neigh' and his horse it goes 'clang,'
And his six-gun goes 'gnab,' it never goes 'bang.'

Backward Bill's got a backward pup,
They eat their supper when the sun comes up,
And he's got a wife named Backward Lil,
'She's my own true hate,' says Backward Bill.

Backward Bill wears his hat on his toes
And puts on his underwear over his clothes.
And come every payday he pays his boss,
And rides off a-smilin' a-carryin' his hoss.